Thoys offers you a product that will be able to command your other avatars without having them on the Secondlife Client. This will spare a llot of memory and processing power.

What are they able to do?
You can let them follow you for instance. You can talk through them. Listen through them (through instant messages). They are able to sit and resit when they get kicked off something. And a lot more.

How do I command them?
You command them through instant messages and local chat. For the command note look under here. Only the master can command the bot and the master is set in the bot tool.

How do I get one?
First be sure you are logged on the account you want to use for it. Probably not your Main account. Then you go to a bot vendor and pay to get into the database. To use it you need to download the tool. You get the Link from the vendor when you buy it. But you can also download it before you buy it, to be sure it works on your PC.